Dr. Doom Swag TAC Infinite Combos - By The Nooby

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Dr Doom TAC Infinite

The Nooby, a highly skilled player from Dubai, UAE has posted up a video displaying some variations of Dr Doom's TAC infinite combos.


He mentions in his video that the combo may look hard or impractical, but in actual fact after you try it, you'll probably find that it's easier to do than the normal one.




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Had a short marvel session with Nooby yesterday, and he kept using this against me. Mashallah great stuff by him. Yalla master it more, Nooby! :D

really great video , hope u do more videos including your matchs ^^ online/offline

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LOL, I was playing street fighter on the next set up, I looked over spoke to Nooby while he was doing it on his opponent he looked over at me laughed, high fived me and carried on, next thing you know KAAAYYY OOOHHH, LOL.